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your expenses after you pay the deductible, leaving you to pay the other. Medicaid coverage varies in each state, so you will have to get this information for your state. If you have more questions or concerns, you can contact: The US Department of Labor, which has the whcra information on its website at, or you can call their toll-free number, The Employee Benefits Security Administration, a special office of the Department of Labor,. To find out if your group health plan is insured or self-insured, contact your plan administrator.

The United States Departments of Labor and Health and Human Services oversee this law. Je obchodná spolonos s ruenm obmedzenm, zaloená v roku 2005, ktorá poskytuje nasledovné sluby: prieskum trhu a ljud och bildskolan göteborg verejnej mienky podnikateské poradenstvo v rozsahu vonch ivnost prekladateská a tlmoncka innos v jazykoch franczskom, nemeckom, ruskom a anglickom poradenstvo a spracovanie projektov financovanch z eurpskych fondov lektorská innos v oblasti komunikácie, predaja, manamentu, marketingu organizané. Under the whcra, mastectomy benefits must cover: Reconstruction of the breast that was removed by mastectomy. Several states have their own laws requiring health plans that cover mastectomies to provide coverage for reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy. Mastectomy benefits may have a yearly deductible and may require that you pay co-insurance. The whcra: Applies to group health plans for plan years starting on or after October 1, 1998.

If you have coverage under a private health insurance policy (not through your employer check with your State Insurance Commissioners office to learn if state law applies. If you cant find the number elsewhere, call naic (.) You may also want to check the Additional resources section for other sources of help. Any physical complications at all stages of mastectomy, including lymphedema (fluid build-up in the arm and chest on the side of the surgery). If I have a mastectomy and breast reconstruction, am I also entitled to the minimum hospital stay? In most cases, yes, as long as the insurance plan also covers medical and surgical benefits for mastectomies.