resultat umeå halvmarathon 2018

number bib. Titta och ladda hem dessa under banor-kartor/. The course measurement has been checked by aims course measurer, Hugh Jones and Swedish Federation measurer, Micke Hill in June 2013. 6,362 races, matta under 500 kcal eilat Desert Marathon, half Marathon - 06:10, asia / Western Asia / Israel / Eilat.

Resultat umeå halvmarathon 2018
resultat umeå halvmarathon 2018

If you are not able to come in person to collect your bib, you can give your registration card to some one else to collect it on your behalf. Tack löpare, tack sponsorer och tack funktionärer!

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We are open at the following hammarby norrköping radio times: Friday 14 September 11:00-19:00. If you enter later than this, you will receive your registration card by email a few days after your registration. By signing up for the race you agree to the terms and conditions of Ramboll Stockholm Halmarmarathon. If you are running with your phone and have GPS on, via My Race your family and friends follow you and can see your exact position on the course. Please follow the officials instructions. You can attend Ramboll Stockholm Halfmarathon from the age of 18 (born 2000 or earlier). You can also show it on your telephone. For more information, go to Stockholm local transport website. Start group D: Men with numbers. Register at the Expo, the last chance to register to this years Ramboll Stockholm Halvmarathon is at the Expo. Tack alla deltagare och på återseende 2019.

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