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or atheists? And this is not an isolated case 01:43 right next to it stands another car with broken windows. Go away from here! 06:01 Police are rarely seen in places where the drug dealers are. 06:04 This is a no-go zone, as the police themselves refer to the place. 05:20 Those who showed up recently do not accept the laws and customs of their new country, 05:24 and this is the root of all problems, believes Dialy. 08:19 The problems are escalating. 08:30 Welcoming hosts became hostages of their own guests. 08:10 Of course, a loss of life is tragic.

01:15 Please watch a special. The fate of this old city 00:06 serves as a warning: this is what may happen to the whole of Europe. 07:19 Suspect names: Ali Mohammad, Mahmud, Mohammed, Mohammed Ali, and so on 07:24 Half of the suspects have no documents, which most often means they are lying about themselves. 00:00 The Swedish city of, malmö, one of the biggest European centers 00:03 for accepting refugees from the East. 04:49 Now, it houses 100 migrants. 00:25, the Swedish reporter Peter Ljunggren conducted an experiment: 00:28 he wore a kippah on his head, pretending to be Jewish, and started walking across the city. I think maybe one or two 04:29 A fairy-tale city, city of dreams Refugees do not come by chance to this remote corner of Sweden. 00:33 He received multiple insults from all directions; somebody hit him in the face, 00:37 and when he walked into a Muslim neighborhood, he was pelted with eggs. 04:12 And this is a school in another neighborhood, where kids use Arabic to talk to each other. 05:15 Most of his trainees are migrants. He visited the place on Monday and 06:44 promised to restore order.

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