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victims. Chanzit, promenadscooter malmö 2006 1 Archived at the Wayback Machine. 22 Metzger, 24 80 "Magi". Hayton, Haithoni Armeni ordinis Praemonstratenis de Tartaris liber, Simon Grynaeus Johannes Huttichius, Novus orbis regionum ac insularum veteribus incognitarum, Basel, 1532, caput ii, De Regno Tarsae,. Uppsala, Almqvist Wiksell International.

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Chronicon of Dexter edit One tradition gained popularity in Spain during furugolv vit klick the 17th century; it was found in a work called the Chronicon of Dexter. The third one, dark-haired, with a full beard, named Balthasar. In the church calendar, the event is commemorated. The names of the Magi were Bithisarea, Melichior and Gathaspa.". Georg Olms Verlag, Hildesheim and New York, 1980,. Occasionally from the 12th century, and very often in Northern Europe from the 15th, the Magi are also made to represent the three known parts of the world: Balthasar is very commonly cast as a young African or Moor, and old Caspar is given Oriental. "On certain Literary Frauds and Forgeries in Spain And Italy". Vatican Adoration of the Magi after Hieronymus Bosch In the earliest depictions, the Magi are shown wearing Persian dress of trousers and Phrygian caps, usually in profile, advancing in step with their gifts held out before them. The text specifies no interval between the birth and the visit, and artistic depictions and the closeness of the traditional dates of December 25 and January 6 encourage the popular assumption that the visit took place the same winter as the birth, but later traditions.

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