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Fastighets A Lundberg, the subsidiaries Hufvudstaden and Holmen, as well as the associated companies Industrivärden, Indutrade and Husqvarna. Lundbergs investment work is performed in a small organization with many years of collective experience and excellent competence. As the principal owner of Östgöta Enskilda Bank, Lundbergs was hit heavily by this crisis. This move created greater stability in the Company, which could gradually reduce its dependence on construction operations. Lundbergs är ett investeringsföretag som genom att vara långsiktig och aktiv ägare förvaltar och utvecklar ett antal företag. However, the Lundberg family retained a clear majority holding in the Company. During the 1990s and to date in the 2000s, substantial investments have been made and Lundbergs has become the principal owner of Holmen and Hufvudstaden. Apart from residential properties, the holdings also include commercial properties for retail activities and offices.

Melden Sie sich noch heute bei. LinkedIn an völlig kostenlos. AB, l E, lundberg är ett helägt dotterbolag till det börsnoterade. The portfolio includes the wholly owned unlisted real estate company, Fastighets AB, l E, lundberg, and the. The portfolio of assets includes the wholly owned real estate company Fastighets.

The Groups operations became increasingly diversified and, during the second half of the 1980s, it was decided that investments outside the core area of construction and real estate operations would be concentrated in a limited number of publicly listed companies. This company engaged in construction operations and focused on residential building. However, the bank was saved as a result of very substantial capital investments from Lundbergs. Lundbergs har också betydande aktieinnehav i Handelsbanken, Sandvik och Skanska. In 1983, the shares in Lundbergs, with Fredrik Lundberg as President, were listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Lundbergs is an investment company that manages and develops a number of companies by being an active, long-term owner. Lundbergs also has significant shareholdings in Handelsbanken, Sandvik and Skanska. In addition, the Auditor is elected and the fees are crossfit söder stockholm fixed and other statutory cases are dealt with.