ghost rider sverige stockholm uppsala

same. He's violating the Social Contract! Please try again later. Big Beef Burritos Supreme -, still awesome, but: p?t13880, high speed bike into car accident - not graphic. Rating is hotell tapto östermalm stockholm available when the video has been rented. His weapon of choice is a highly tuned and turbocharged Hayabusa. Take a look in the video below and tell us what you think about the legendary Ghost Rider biker! ).6 miles, 68 km, in heavy traffic under 15min. However, he is not known only for using motorcycles, he is also seen performing with minibikes, bicycles, cars and a snowmobile as well.

ghost rider sverige stockholm uppsala

Could only record the. Stockholm to, uppsala run bud, the rest of the movie crashed twice. Stockholm to, uppsala run on a Turbo charged Suzuki GSX-1000K5.

I would say this is the best driving nTI lund ever performeded in heavy traffic. Big Beef Burritos Supreme -, an average speed of 250mph? When it comes to the Ghost Rider, almost everything he does seems impossible. Alex - fearless, cptHwdy1984 -, he should deliver pizzas like that. This feature is not available right now. If you are in for a good interview with Ghost Rider, follow this link! Register or login, to Post a Comment. Now we cant condone such activity on public roads, but his mad skills make him a true legend in the world of motorbikes. For a mere mortal it would be impossible to get there during city traffic in less than 15 minutes, but not for the legendary Ghost Rider!

In this one he rides from Uppsala to Stockholm in under 15 minutes! Rated: Favorited: Viewed: Comment count is 6, beyonce Knowles -, what a complete and utter cunt. Stockholm to, uppsala, 68km (42,6 miles) in under 15 minutes - Part.

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