and GLS/GLX trim past 23,000. Please Check Back Later. It's a name that's been around since 1983, when for those old enough to remember the go-go Reagan years the company launched the car with a commercial featuring a German-language version of Ronnie and the Daytonas classic 1960s hit, "Little GTO.". Air Conditioning, front air conditioning, airbags, dual front airbags Front side airbags Side curtain airbags: front, rear. Base price range: 18,910-20,295, engine:.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, 180 hp;.8-liter V-6, 200.

Exterior Features, rear spoiler, instrumentation, clock Tachometer, lights. The only way to tell will be by jamming your foot to the floor that, and the reduction in msrp that is sure to leave plenty of people who bought the less powerful, more expensive 2001 models a little hot under the collar. And who really needs leather anyway?

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I was not able to verify this with instrumented testing, but the '02 model I test-drove does feel noticeably quicker than the '01 model. Simpler roots, anyway, the '02 GTI returns to its simpler roots, losing the elaborate additional designations, such as VW Golf GTI GLS or Golf GTI GLX VR6. It's now just "GTI with either the bumped-up 180-hp turbocharged.8-liter four-cylinder engine (18,910) or, soon to come, a new, notably improved VR6 version which will develop around 200 hp when it is released during the 2002 calendar year. Visually, there is no appreciable difference between the 20 GTIs or ordinary Golfs, for that matter. . Read our, cookie Policy. Another new for '02 option is the five-speed automatic with manually-activated gear change function though like other "manual" automatics, this is more gimmicky than functional.

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