justin bieber burrito äta

A) this image might be an elaborate and confusing hoax and B) I understand, and agree, with how this human person is eating the burrito. You can watch the video in its entirety below. Although he says he respects the seemingly-alpha way Justin is attacking this burrito, many Twitter followers (rightfully) disagree and think Baby Boy Biebs needs a time out. On Sunday, confirmation that is was a prank came in a behind-the-scenes video by Yes Theory. Last week, the internet was enthralled by a viral image of a person many claimed was. So, you do you, Justin Bieber or Real Human Person Burrito Eater whoever you are. One member named Connor even gave interviews disputing the claims that the photos were faked. I'm here to talk about the way this person is eating the burrito, whether it's Justin Bieber or not.

justin bieber burrito äta

Last week, the Internet quickly became obsessed with a random snapshot. Justin Bieber chewing on a burrito in an unconventional way.

He's clearly screwing up the delicate layered distribution of burrito innards by approaching it from the wrong side. It became the subject of viral memes, internet debate on the "right way" to eat a burrito, and some skepticism, including from insider, about the identity of the person in the photo. Justin Bieber has done many offensive things in his life.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below, i know it's easy to see this photo of Justin Bieber eating a burrito like a hamburger and think, Get a load of this jamoke! The group brainstormed about how they would send Sousa out in LA to perform some "unusual" tasks that they thought would outrage the internet and landed on the unconventional burrito eating. Hes starting in the middle! Advertisement - Continue Reading Below, our poor boy is at a park bench trying to eat his burrito and the innards are clearly busting out of one side: Twitter. What are you even doing, Justin Bieber? Justin Bieber eating a burrito sideways. That bite is gonna be all guacamole or all cheese or all lettuce. 35 Places In LA Where Youre Likely to Spot Celebrities.

Yes Theory told insider in a statement that the group staged the prank to comment on the need to be skeptical about what is put out on the internet. In a video posted Sunday, hosts Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, and Matt Dajer ran viewers through the process of creating the photo and the media response. Model Brad Sousa, a Bieber lookalike who flew.A.